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Electronic Tax Extension

Hold on there Bubba-Louie. There's ne need to fret the tax filing deadline. Fact is you can get yourself 6 more months to file your tax return by applying for a tax extension.

By using e-file to apply electronically for a tax extension, you can complete this task online in just a few minutes.

e-File Electronic Tax Extension Form 4868

I'm not one to beat the deadlines by a wide margin. In fact, I tend to procrastinate, especially when it comes to tax return preparation. I would like to say I'm curing this issue, but the the reality is that my only cure is to file for a tax extension, that's my quick fix solution.

Now the reality here is that anyone can apply for a tax extension, and in general, almost everyone is granted a tax extension without question.

Truth be told, the IRS does NOT care why you are filing for a tax return extension, nor do they request a reason.

They just accept your tax extension application and check to make sure the data you entered is correctly filled out, and tax due amount is fairly accurate.

Otherwise, you will be notified of the reasons why your extension was rejected so that you can make any changes that need to be made and resubmit extension form 4868.

How To File Your Tax Extension Form 4868

The IRS offers three options for requesting an automatic extension of time to file a U.S. individual income tax return.

  1. The first option allows taxpayers to submit payment for all or part of their estimated income taxes due. They must indicate that the payment is for a tax extension. This payment can be made using Direct Pay which is the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. They could also pay by using a credit or debit card in the same manner.
  2. Taxpayers may also prepare an electronic tax extension application where they can file Form 4868 electronically by accessing IRS e-file website using their computer, or by going through a tax professional that uses efile.
  3. Lastly, taxpayers can opt to go the old manual rout to file a paper Form 4868 and enclose their payment for estimate of taxes due in with the tax extension application.

Simple! If there is one thing that the IRS makes easy to do, it's got to be filing a tax extension.

Secure Electronic Tax Extension Submission

The great thing about filing a tax extension form electronically is that you will receive a confirmation from the IRS when they receive it, and when the accept, or grant it.

This in turn does not leave anything up to chance, like our postal service that can and does loose our mail at times.

Put the April 15th Deadline To Bed

By applying for a tax extension, you can receive up to 6 extra months to prepare and submit your tax return to the IRS.

A tax extension moves your tax return deadline to October 15th, which should take a load off your shoulders if you are not prepared to meet the the April deadline.

Note: make sure you pay any taxes that you may still owe by the original April 15 tax filing date to avoid penalty and interest charges from the IRS.